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Journals are for Dorks

she only heard i love you

Getting to know you
300)Describe yourself in one word:scenester
400)How are you today?:pretty good kind of lazy
500)Tell me something interesting about yourself:i dye my hair every month based on how i think my mood will be
Getting to know you even better
100)Ten favorite bands:hellogoodbye,bright eyes,tilly and the wall,haste the day,vindicated,saves the day,garbage,pixies,brand new,taking back sunday
200)Ten favorite movies:bio-dome,closer,enternal sunshine of the spotless mind,dawn of the dead,house of wax,napolean dynamite,alice in wonderland,the wizard of oz
300)Ten favorite songs:one last kiss,bonnie taylor shakedown,let me in,notebooks full of you,waste of paint,im only happy when it rains,
400)Five favorite TV shows:family guy,king of the hill,CSI,Grey's Anatomy,Desperate Housewifes
500)Favorite lyrics from a song:
What I just want to know
100)Whats your sexuality?straight
200)When is your birthday?may 16,1989
300)What do you think of me (your mod)?cute
400)Do you think your pretty?no
500)Why should you be excepted at neonrazorblades? their like my bestfriend for life i can always depend on them to be there for me & they never let me down
600)Tell me your life story (short way though):ups & downs but mostly down;so many hearts broken
700)Do you dye your hair?yes
800)Whats your scene?emo/indie
900)Are you HxC?--
What you look like
100)Post three pictures of YOUR FACE! Not jsut top of the head or side of your face.
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
{my hair isnt that fried;it looks like it because i put gel in it while it was wet and didnt both with it afterwards
200)Promote in one palce and provide the link.
300)Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? post a picture of them here!
Image hosted by
400)Post a picture of you and your friends.
Image hosted by
500)Post a picture of your best friend.
Image hosted by sorry for the finger haha its the best one of her
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