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She Only Heard I Love You

Getting to know you
100)Name/Age: GiGi.... (fifteen)
200)City/State: Fairfield... 7o7... California
300)Describe yourself in one word: SUPER!
400)How are you today?: i am very good. thanks for asking. and yourself?
500)Tell me something interesting about yourself: i do not know how to ride a bike.
Getting to know you even better
100)Ten favorite bands: AFI, From First to Last, The Used, Static-x, Underoath, Maroon 5 (pretty songs), Thrice, Disturbed, My Chemical Romance, and Three Days Grace
200)Ten favorite movies: Thirteen, Sixteen Candles, a bunch of Lifetime movies, Mean Girls, The Notebook, The Little Mermaid, 13 Going on 30, The Grudge(freakin' hilarious!, Amityville Horror, and What A Girl Wants
300)Ten favorite songs: I only have one favorite song right now and it is "Being Drunk Is A Lot Like Lovin' You"
400)Five favorite TV shows: Real World/Road Rules thing, True Life, South Park, Family Guy, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force
500)Favorite lyrics from a song:
What I just want to know
100)Whats your sexuality? I am not sure still... I think I am straight though.
200)When is your birthday? September 10th
300)What do you think of me (your mod)? cool
400)Do you think your pretty? uhm not really. but I am not going to disagree when someone says I am.
500)Why should you be excepted at neonrazorblades? because I am me. Not trying to impress anyone. And you will love me, or at least I am hoping.
600)Tell me your life story (short way though): I had a lot of issues growing up. I do not have a male figure in my life. I have trust issues and get attatched to guy friends easily. I was depressed. Ex-cutter. And now I am happy because I have kick ass friends who love me.
700)Do you dye your hair? yes
800)Whats your scene? emo
900)Are you HxC? no
What you look like
100)Post three pictures of YOUR FACE! Not jsut top of the head or side of your face. Image hosted by Image hosted by sorry i am 1 picture short...
200)Promote in one palce and provide the link.
i can give you my myspace link...
300)Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? post a picture of them here!
Image hosted by SHE IS MY LESBIAN LOVER!
400)Post a picture of you and your friends.
Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
500)Post a picture of your best friend.
Image hosted by ITS MY KELLI!!!

Thanks and have a nice day!!!
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