♥This is our emergency.♥ (x_cutting_x) wrote in neonrazorblades,
♥This is our emergency.♥

Getting to know you
100)Name/Age: Kelsey 16
200)City/State:hampton Va
300)Describe yourself in one word: emo
400)How are you today?: sad
500)Tell me something interesting about yourself: i can drink like fish.
Getting to know you even better
100)Ten favorite bands: Tegan and Sara, HelloGoodbye, the Distillers, Bright eyes, Billy Talent, Dresen Dolls,Coheed and Cambria, Death Cab for cutie, Fall out BOy, BoySkout.
200)Ten favorite movies: Im pretty open to any movie.
300)Ten favorite songs: River, Lies, Where does the good go? Speak Slow, Growing up. Girl Anachronism,Beat your heart out. sick of it all, idoless, dismantle me.
400)Five favorite TV shows:CSI, Law and Order, Grey's, real world, road rules.

500)Favorite lyrics from a song:Look me in the eye and promise that no loves like our love
What I just want to know
100)Whats your sexuality? bi.
200)When is your birthday?april 17, 89
300)What do you think of me (your mod)? your pretty, nice so far that I can tell.
400)Do you think your pretty? yes
500)Why should you be excepted at neonrazorblades? They are my best friend.
600)Tell me your life story (short way though): Emotion rollarcoaster.
700)Do you dye your hair?yes
800)Whats your scene?punk.
900)Are you HxC?
What you look like
100)Post three pictures of YOUR FACE! Not jsut top of the head or side of your face. I only have one.
200)Promote in one palce and provide the link.http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=x_cutting_x
300)Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? post a picture of them here!
400)Post a picture of you an dyour friends.
500)Post a picture of your best friend

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