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She only heard I love you

Getting to know you
100)Name/Age: Abby 15
200)City/State: Conroe, Texas
300)Describe yourself in one word: weird
400)How are you today?: I’m pretty pissed because my stereo isn’t working
500)Tell me something interesting about yourself: My eyes change colors between blue and gray
Getting to know you even better
100)Ten favorite bands: Bright Eyes, Death Cab for Cutie, The Faint, Nirvana, The Unicorns, The Smiths, The Shins, Hot Hot Heat, Pedro the Lion, Bob Marley
200)Ten favorite movies: Boondock Saints, Fight Club, Garden State, American History X, City of God, GUMMO, Donnie Darko, The Laramie Project, Beauty and the Beast, Million Dollar Baby
300)Ten favorite songs: Sound of Settling- Death Cab, Lady Madonna- Beatles, Running out of time- Hot Hot Heat, Casual Sex and worked up so sexual- the faint, Nancy boy- placebo, Another brick in the wall- pink floyd, seven nation army- white stripes, first day of my life and something vague- Bright Eyes
400)Five favorite TV shows: Family Guy, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate housewives, 24, the OC
500)Favorite lyrics from a song: First Day of my Life- Bright Eyes
This is the first day of my life
Swear I was born right in the doorway
I went out in the rain, suddenly everything changed
They're spreading blankets on the beach

Yours was the first face that I saw
I think I was blind before I met you
I don't know where I am, I don't know where I've been
But I know where I want to go

So I thought I'd let you know
That these things take forever, I especially am slow
But I realized how I need you
And I wondered if I could come home

I remember the time you drove all night
Just to meet me in the morning
And I thought it was strange, you said everything changed
You felt as if you just woke up

And you said,
"This is the first day of my life.
Glad I didn't die before i met you.
Now I don't care, I could go anywhere with you.
And I'd probably be happy."

So if you want to be with me
With these things there's no telling,
We'll just have to wait and see
But I'd rather be working for a paycheck
Than waiting to win the lottery

Besides, maybe this time is different
I mean, I really think you like me

What I just want to know
100)Whats your sexuality? Straight
200)When is your birthday? October 1, 1089
300)What do you think of me (your mod)? Well from looks I’d say you have beautiful eyes
400)Do you think your pretty? Yes, I do. Not like gorgeous or anything though.
500)Why should you be excepted at neonrazorblades? Because I’m cool like that and I’ll stay active and promote J
600)Tell me your life story (short way though): Born in Conroe and parents divorced when I was 3. I had a happy childhood with cool brothers and sisters. Met the greatest person in my life when I was in fifth grade, Kari. Discovered music when I was 12. Discovered good music when I was 14 haha.
700)Do you dye your hair? I wish, but my mother wont let me L
800)Whats your scene? I don’t really consider myself in a scene but I’d say the emo scene
900)Are you HxC? I consider myself emo more than anything but I go to hXc shows and a lot of my friends are hardcore.
What you look like
100)Post three pictures of YOUR FACE! Not jsut top of the head or side of your face. Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by on the right…..
200)Promote in one place and provide the link.
300)Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? post a picture of them here! I do have a boyfriend, Wren, but I don’t have a picture of him L
400)Post a picture of you and your friends. I don’t have one with all of us together, but I do have separate ones….
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
500)Post a picture of your best friend.
Image hosted by
Kari (If you haven’t noticed haha)
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