Amy (poorlilpony) wrote in neonrazorblades,

Getting to know you
100)Name/Age: amy/17
200)City/State: washingtonville/ny
300)Describe yourself in one word: dork.
400)How are you today?: good, i guess
500)Tell me something interesting about yourself: im a bad rapper.
Getting to know you even better
100)Ten favorite bands: emery, underoath, my american heart, falloutboy, showbread, relient k, anberlin, letter kills, a change of pace, something corporate
200)Ten favorite movies:i dont have 10 fav movies..... but... shrek 2, pirates of the caribean, ghost world, finding nemo...... i kno lots of kiddy movies.....
300)Ten favorite songs: exreme-more than words; nada surf- popular; emery-walls; underoath- im content with losing;
400)Five favorite TV shows: csi, law and order, pimp my ride, the inferno,  degrassi,
500)Favorite lyrics from a song:

"empty diaries
there's nothing to say
and we'll take the right steps
to keep these pages clean
you want the answers
i see them on your face
you need to know this is where the promise breaks " emery- disgusing mistakes w/ goodbyes

What I just want to know
100)Whats your sexuality? bi
200)When is your birthday? feb. 6
300)What do you think of me (your mod)? idk.... i don't know the mod....
400)Do you think your pretty? not really
500)Why should you be excepted at neonrazorblades? cuz i took the time out to join and i didn't even delete the post from my community (the_emo_squad), that should count for something
600)Tell me your life story (short way though):
700)Do you dye your hair? no
800)Whats your scene? i don't fit into one, and would rather not be labled...
900)Are you HxC? no
What you look like
100)Post three pictures of YOUR FACE! Not jsut top of the head or side of your face.

i don't have many pics on my photobucket so heres a link to my myspace, if u wanna see more....

200)Promote in one palce and provide the link.
300)Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? post a picture of them here! nope... im single....
400)Post a picture of you an dyour friends. don't got one online...
500)Post a picture of your best friend. my bestfriends don't like pics....but ill try n get one

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